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The first meeting of the Council for Cooperation with the Civil Society was held

On July 17, 2019, the Office of Good Governance/Office of the Prime Minister organized the first meeting of the Government Cooperation Council with Civil Society. This Council was established by a decision of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo as a joint body with representatives from the government and civil society, who will coordinate the whole process of government cooperation with civil society. The Council consists of 29 representatives, 14 of them from institutions and 15 representatives from civil society.

This mechanism is co-chaired by Mr. Fitim Krasniqi, Secretary General in the Office of the Prime Minister and Mrs. Donika Emini, Executive Director of Civikos.

In the meeting before the participants, Mr. Fitim Krasniqi expressed his commitment to continue working on increasing the cooperation of the government with civil society to promote and support the civil society sector. On the other hand, Mr. Habit Hajredini, in his capacity as deputy chairman, presented the rules, mandate and organizational structure of this Council, which were approved in principle by the members of the Council who were present.

All the participants expressed their willingness and dedication to support the achievement of the goals and goals that this mechanism has as well as in the implementation of the Government Cooperation Strategy with Civil Society 2019-2023.

Prishtinë, 19.07.2019