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214 Public Consultations launched through Online Platform

Since the launch of the Online Public Consultation Platform in February 2017, a total of 214 public consultations have been published by the ministries and offices of the Prime Minister.

By the beginning of January 2018, out of 214 total consultations, 93 were administrative instructions, 46 regulations, 42 laws, 23 concept documents, 5 action plans and 4 strategies were consulted and closed.

During this period, the platform was used by most relevant institutions. Office of Good Governance / Office of the Prime Minister as coordinator of the public consultation process under Regulation no. 05/2016 on minimum standards for public consultation through coordinators through line ministries has managed to make the platform functional and update on a regular basis.

The platform has continued to be enriched and promoted in order to have a significant increase in the registration of new users and subscriptions to obtain real-time information regarding the publication of consultation documents and the platform that each platform offers individual, institution or stakeholder to give its convention to improve legislation for approval by the Government and its subordinate institutions.

Prishtinë, 28.09.2018