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Office on Good Governance

Habit Hajredini
Head of Office on
Good Governance

Information and activities

On the initiative by the Office for Good Governance the Prime Minister ’s Office of Republic of Kosovo supported of the EU project "TACSO", a regjional meeting named "GOV2GOV, Working Together" was held in Podgorica, Montenegro from 14 - 15 June 2017. The main purpose of this activity was to enable a regional co-operation between governmental institutions responsible for development, dialogue ... read more

After almost two years of work in its drafting, today, on June 13, 2017, the Regulation on the Criteria, Standards and Procedures for Public Financing of NGOs was signed. This Regulation sets out the criteria, standards and basic procedures for public funding of non-governmental organizations in order to establish a transparent and accountable system for public funding of programs and ... read more

Office for Good Governance  in cooperation with the EU Technical Assistance project, has organized a workshop titled "Creating an enabling environment for development of volunteering in Kosovo" . The workshop was attended by representatives from  institutions, local and international CSOs.The purpose of the workshop was the presentation of the research conducted on volunteering , validation of t ... read more

Office for Good Governance / Office of the Prime Minister together with the Forum for Civic Initiatives / FIQ organized a "National Conference on Philanthropy". This activity aimed to elaborate on the role of philanthropy in enhancing cross-sectoral cooperation for good governance and to identify innovative approaches to addressing the issues of sustainable development of philanthropy in Rep ... read more

On 15 and 16 March, at the hotel "Dukagjini" in Peja was held the two-day workshop organized by the Office of Good Governance (OGG) supported by the TACSO and EU Assistance Project for monitoring the implementation of the Strategy. This workshop aimed at discussing the issues and activities of special importance for increasing the efficiency of the Council for Implementation of Government Str ... read more
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